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Autumn 2008

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In-Home Pet Sitting Visits - Dogs and Dogs Plus
Thebasic rate is $20 for a visit lasting about 25 to 30 minutes. This rate is geared for people who have dogs or dogs plus other small animals, which are included at no extra charge.  The visit may include a walk, plus feeding, love, attention, any meds administered as necessary, plus light housesitting duties, including garbage/recycling out, mail in, easy plant care, and attending to lights and blinds as requested. If you have 3 or more dogs that require walks at each visit, there may be a surcharge. During a multiple day pet-sit, the first two visits of the day are $20 each, but I generally offer a $5 discount for 3rd and 4th visits if they are essentially potty-breaks. I'll work with you to design a schedule that as closely mimics your household's routine as possible, because this tends to make your animals happy and secure and that in turn allows me to dothe best possible job for your family.
$20for a visit lasting about 1/2 hour.
ShortIn-Home Cat Care Visits -  (or other very small mammals,snakes, and lizards)
Thebasic rate is $15 for a short visit (usually about 10 - 15 minutes)which includes feeding, cat box maintenance, and attention for your catif your cat likes and accepts attention.   I love cats andthey tend to like me quite well, even if they are generally shy or evenhostile to strangers.  

I'm quite comfortable with snakes and lizards and am willing to followmost feeding routines.

And, I particularly enjoy and am happy to handle pet mice, rats,hamsters, and ferrets.
$15for a visit lasting about
10 -15
If you are on my route or in myimmediate neighborhood (I'm in 78704), and you need a very short visit, potty breaks start at$15.   If you are booking a multiple day in-home pet sit,this may apply to short visits beyond two per day.
Pottybreaks start at $15.
OvernightIn-Home Stays
The basic rate is $75 for an 8 hour overnight stay, which includes bothmorning and evening walks if desired. I arrive no later than 11pm (or mutually acceptable time we arrange), and leave no earlier than 8 hours later. Overnights should be reserved wellin advance, as they go quickly!
$75for an 8 hour overnight stay
QuickerPicker Upper - Errand Service
Just in case...If you need me topick up food, kitty litter, meds or anything else you've forgotten, I'mhappy to take care of that for you.
$15plus cost of item
MoreExtensive Shopping
If you'd like me to replenishyour refrigerator in anticipation of your return home, I'm glad to shopfor you before you arrive. No morethan 20 items, available in one location, please! $20plus cost of items
DogPark Excursions
I'm happy to take your dog toRedbud Isle and other off-leash parks if your pet meets my criteria forexcellent socialization ;)   Thecost for an excursion runs between $25 and $35, depending onwhere you're located in relation to the desired park and how many dogswill be coming along.   Please call to negotiate a specificrate!
$25- 35
Basic rate for animaltransportation and escort is $20 perhalf-hour, $35 per hour.  I can transport your dog inmy pleasant air-conditioned vehicle to the vet, the airport, or prettymuch any other location in the Austin metro area. 
$20perhalf-hour, $35 per hour
DailyDog Walks
I specialize in upbeat dogexercise.  The current rate is $20for one or two dogs*, for a walk lasting approximately 25minutes (during which we do about a mile, if your dog is up to it, moreif your dog is a game walker).   Although I am not acertified trainer or behaviorist, I assert with confidence that regularwalks with me will teach your dog some decent on-leash manners and cutdown on any pulling or other difficult behavior.  I subscribe tothe theory that when it comes to dogs, exercise islove, and there isn't really any substitute. Particularly if your dog is a working or larger breed, they will showyou in many ways that they thank you for very regular, vigorousexercise.

* Have 3 or 4 dogs that walk nicely together?  I'm happy to takethem as a group - please add $5 per dog per walk for more than 2 dogstogether!
$20for one or two dogs,
add $5 for each additional dog.
Dog'sDay Out
Is your pooch a little too oldfor long walks, but still yearning to get out into the world? I'll pick your dog up and take them on errands with me, stopping on thewayfor a tasty dog treat and/or a visit to a local coffee shop.  Giveyour dog a boredom break today! $30 for a couple of hours out on the town.
$30for a couple of hours out on the town.

We accept cash, checks, and takecredit cards via PayPal.
Payment is due in full before or on the first day of service.

We specialize incustom schedules and services! 

If there's something you need that youdon't see listed,
please do not hesitate to ask!

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